Mandatory Intro

Well, These are just bunch of Impulse responses which you can play with.


Use MATLAB®/Scilab®/Python(numpy) to convolve with your favorite sound/music. They can also be used to do few other things as well, but its beyond the scope of this document. You can also use Adobe® Audition® if you prefer GUI and code-free approach.

Whats an Impulse Response?

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Impulse Responses

Here is a table of collected impulse responses. Please note that some are multi-channel and some are really short. these are intended for reverberation effects and are usually 1-5 seconds long at 44100-48000 Hz. Sample rate & other metadata is not listed in the table but will be in the future. Please refer to File suffix/prefix section which explains the licenses and Terms of use. Following files are NOT distributed under a single/unified license.

Impulse Response Extension
3000CStreetGarageStairwell-EchoThief .wav
5UnderpassValencia-EchoThief .wav
AcademicQuadrangle-EchoThief .wav
AirportTerminal-AirWindows .aiff
Amaranth-EchoThief .wav
ArroyoEnsenada-EchoThief .wav
Avenue52UnderpassLARiver-EchoThief .wav
Avenue60UnderpassLARiver-EchoThief .wav
BarMonsieurRicard-EchoThief .wav
Batcave-EchoThief .wav
BatteryBenson-EchoThief .wav
BatteryBrannan-EchoThief .wav
BatteryPowell-EchoThief .wav
BatteryQuarles-EchoThief .wav
BatteryRandol-EchoThief .wav
BatteryTolles-EchoThief .wav
BiomedicalSciences-EchoThief .wav
BoulevardRosemontUnderpass-EchoThief .wav
ByronGlacier-EchoThief .wav
CCRMAStairwell-EchoThief .wav
CPMC264-EchoThief .wav
CPMCNorthStairwell-EchoThief .wav
CaribooRdUnderGaglardiWay-EchoThief .wav
CarpenterCenter-EchoThief .wav
CastilloDeLosTresReyesDelMorro-EchoThief .wav
CastilloDeLosTresReyesDelMorroArch-EchoThief .wav
CastilloDeLosTresReyesDelMorroCourtyard-EchoThief .wav
CastilloDeLosTresReyesDelMorroSalasDeExposicion-EchoThief .wav
CastleThunder-AirWindows .aiff
Cathedral - long response with slow HF decay .wav
CathedralRoom-EchoThief .wav
CedarCreekWinery-EchoThief .wav
Classroom .wav
CleftRidgeArch-EchoThief .wav
CliffOfTheDawn-EchoThief .wav
Commerical&5Underpass-EchoThief .wav
ConradPrebysConcertHallSeatF111-EchoThief .wav
ConventionCenterSteps-EchoThief .wav
ConvocationMall-EchoThief .wav
Cranbrook Art Museum-EchoThief .wav
Deep Well - long, dense reverb .wav
DevilsPunchbowl-EchoThief .wav
DipwayArch-EchoThief .wav
DiscoveryRoom-EchoThief .wav
DivorceBeach-EchoThief .wav
DrainageTunnel-EchoThief .wav
Drum Room - sharp attack, short reverb tail .wav
EchoBridge-EchoThief .wav
Empty Livingroom .wav
EndlessTunnel .wav
ExerciseAndNutritionSciences-EchoThief .wav
FatMansMisery-EchoThief .wav
FatMansSqueeze-EchoThief .wav
FishCreekTrestleBridge-EchoThief .wav
FortWordenPillbox-EchoThief .wav
FortWordenTunnel-EchoThief .wav
FortalezaDeSanCarlosDeLaCabana -EchoThief .wav
FourPointsRoom270-EchoThief .wav
FremontTroll-EchoThief .wav
Full-Size Auditorium - solid early reflections and long tail .wav
GalbraithHall-EchoThief .wav
Gallery .wav
GeiselLibrary-EchoThief .wav
GiantCave-AirWindows .aiff
GraffitiHallway-EchoThief .wav
HaleHolisticYogaStudio-EchoThief .wav
Hall .wav
Hangar-AirWindows .aiff
HarborEntranceControlPost-EchoThief .wav
HartwellTavern-EchoThief .wav
Hawxhurst-EchoThief .wav
HepnerHall-EchoThief .wav
HopkinsDriveUnderpass-EchoThief .wav
HumanitiesSocialSciencesCourtyard-EchoThief .wav
In the Other Room .wav
Inside Car .wav
Inside Shower- Door Closed .wav
IslaMujeresCave-EchoThief .wav
JFKUnderpass-EchoThief .wav
LakeMerrittBART-EchoThief .wav
Large Bathroom .wav
Large Concert Hall - defined early reflections .wav
Large Dome - long response, sparse reflections in time .wav
Large Metallic Cylinder - long low frequency sustain .wav
Large Tank - long tail, low frequency response .wav
LawrenceWelkCave-EchoThief .wav
Lecture Hall .wav
LionsGateBridge-EchoThief .wav
LittlefieldLobby-EchoThief .wav
Living Room .wav
Locker Room .wav
LoveLibrary-EchoThief .wav
Massive Cavern .wav
Medium Sized Cave .wav
Mid-Size Auditorium - slow high frequency decay .wav
Mid-Sized Room - smooth HF damping .wav
MillsArtMuseum-EchoThief .wav
MillsGreekTheater-EchoThief .wav
Mixed Impulses - different responses in each channel .wav
NancyLakeTunnel-EchoThief .wav
Narrow Spiral Staircase .wav
Natatorium-EchoThief .wav
NaturalSciences-EchoThief .wav
NaumburgBandshell-EchoThief .wav
Octagonal Room - short, low frequency response .wav
OldSouthBridge-EchoThief .wav
Open Air Stadium - short, dense impulse response .wav
Open Air Theatre - short response across entire spectrum .wav
OutbackClimbingCenter-EchoThief .wav
OutdoorBlastoff-AirWindows .aiff
OutdoorStadium-AirWindows .aiff
PabellonCulturalDeLaRepublica-EchoThief .wav
PabstBrewery-EchoThief .wav
PacificHall-EchoThief .wav
PepperCanyonHall-EchoThief .wav
PlateLarge-AirWindows .aiff
PlateMedium-AirWindows .aiff
PlateSmall-AirWindows .aiff
PlateSuperDry-AirWindows .aiff
PortTownsendSkatepark-EchoThief .wav
PortageCreekTunnel-EchoThief .wav
PrimeLong-AirWindows .aiff
PrimeMed-AirWindows .aiff
PrimeShort-AirWindows .aiff
PrimeXtraLong-AirWindows .aiff
PurgatoryChasm-EchoThief .wav
Qasgiq-EchoThief .wav
QuadracciPavilion-EchoThief .wav
RacquetballCourt-EchoThief .wav
RedBridge-EchoThief .wav
Reverse Tunnel .wav
RiverMountainsLoopTrailAqueduct-EchoThief .wav
RoomConcertHall-AirWindows .aiff
RoomHuge-AirWindows .aiff
RoomLarge-AirWindows .aiff
RoomMedium-AirWindows .aiff
RoomPool-AirWindows .aiff
SaltonSeaDrainagePipe-EchoThief .wav
SanDiegoSupercomputerCenter-EchoThief .wav
SewardWaterfrontPark-EchoThief .wav
Sleeping Giant Tower-EchoThief .wav
Small Room - short response with quick T60 .wav
Space Capsule - fast HF damping and 800Hz sustain .wav
Space4ArtGallery-EchoThief .wav
SquareVictoriaDome-EchoThief .wav
StanleyParkCauseway-EchoThief .wav
StanleyParkCliffs-EchoThief .wav
StanleyParkDriveUnderpass-EchoThief .wav
SteinmanFoundationRecordingSuite-EchoThief .wav
SteinmanHall-EchoThief .wav
StorageTankNo7-EchoThief .wav
StrathconaStairwellMcGill-EchoThief .wav
SwitzerStUnderEHarborDr-EchoThief .wav
TelephoneWash-EchoThief .wav
The Singularity .wav
TheSlot-EchoThief .wav
Theatre - complex reflections for depth .wav
TijuanaAqueductTunnel-EchoThief .wav
TijuanaMall-EchoThief .wav
TonyKnowlesCoastalTrailTunnel-EchoThief .wav
TransitCenter-EchoThief .wav
TunnelToHeaven-EchoThief .wav
TunnelToHell-EchoThief .wav
WalkwayUnderECampusDr-EchoThief .wav
WangenheimRareBooksRoom-EchoThief .wav
WarrenLectureHall2005-EchoThief .wav
WaterplacePark-EchoThief .wav
WoodruffLane-EchoThief .wav

Additional Impulse responses

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Please note that spirit.mp3 and its convolved siblings contain audio that is property of BBC. I am only using it here for educational purposes under fair use policy.

File suffix/prefix & License info

  1. Files suffixed/prefixed with Airwindows are collected from AirWindows impulses. License and details related tho this can be found here.
  2. Files with suffix/prefix EchoThief are collected from echothief. You are free to use it for personal use, however additional restrictions maight apply for commercial use. License distrbuted along with these files can be found here.

If there are special licenses to the file(s) I will try to include them in a seperate table/page. Please note that the file extensions are unchanged. only the basename is prefixed or suffixed. Some licence information is only available in pdf or doc/docx format.

Repo Metadata

Version Build-Commit Build-Date Build-Number

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